Welcome to the OG1RF Transposon Insertion Mutant Database

Authors: Danielle A. Garsin, Jonathan M. Urbach and Frederick M. Ausubel

Description-Unigene Library:
In order to define the pathogenic processes involved in Enterococcus faecalis infection, an Ordered Library has been produced. The Library consists of a collection of non-redundant transposon insertions in approximately 25% of the non-essential open reading frame in the genome of Enterococcus faecalis strain OG1RF. This strain has been shown to cause disease in a variety of hosts. We are currently considering both technical and funding mechanisms to complete the library.

Description-OG1RF Transposon Insertion Mutant Database:
During the construction of the OG1RF Ordered Library, approximately 8,865 transposon insertions were sequenced. To track and sort these mutants, an OG1RF Transposon Insertion Mutant Database has been developed. Sequence data from the stretch of DNA adjacent to the transposon were entered into the database and aligned with sequences from the E. faecalis strain V583 genome (http://www.tigr.org/tigr-scripts/CMR2/GenomePage3.spl?database=gef) using the BLAST algorithm. The database identifies the V583 ORF and the location within that ORF that corresponds to the site that is disrupted by each transposon insertion in the related OG1RF strain. Therefore, the reported transposon insertion site for each mutant corresponds to a "virtual" location in the V583 genome that corresponds to a known location in the OG1RF genome.

Database Search:
Mutants that have a transposon insertion site within a region corresponding to a predicted V583 ORF are available for searches. In many cases we have more than one mutant representing a particular ORF.

The database lists 4 fields that may be queried for each mutant:

To request specific mutants, please use the mutant request interface at ../mutantrequest/mutantrequest.cgi.

If you use any mutants to generate data for publication, please acknowledge "Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA(http://ausubellab.mgh.harvard.edu/enterococcus) [date,(month and yr) accessed]"

The Library and Database are still in development. Please bring any problems you may encounter to our attention. For problems related to the mutants, contact Danielle.A.Garsin@uth.tmc.edu. For issues regarding the database contact urbach@molbio.mgh.harvard.edu. General feedback is also welcome.

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Click the following links to download the complete list of OG1RF transposon mutants, ordered three ways as a tab-separated-values-formatted document. These can be opened in a text editor such as Microsoft Word, Notepad, or in a spreadsheet such as Excel.


Last updated: 7/26/04