Welcome to the Laboratory of Fred Ausubel in the Department of Molecular Biology at The Massachusetts General Hospital a joint department with the Department of Genetics at the Harvard Medical School.  The laboratory's primary interest is in identifying and characterizing the molecular aspects of the process of signal transduction in prokaryotes and in hosts that interact with prokaryotes, from the discovery of virulence factors in bacteria and fungus to host defense responses in plants and worms. These Pathogen-Host interactions are explored through a variety of ways, both experimentally and computationally.

The laboratory is using whole genome approaches to investigate these aspects of microbial pathogenesis and host defense responses. We are particularly interested in elucidating those aspects of pathogenesis that are similar irrespective of the pathogen and the host. We also develop software and databases for genome bioinformatics which integrate our diverse areas of study.  [Research Overview]

The lab will closing by September 2018, and we are no longer accepting postdoc applications. Paste this URL into your browser's navigation panel to view Fred's Retirement Lecture, delivered at the Fred Ausubel Retirement Symposium, 9/25/15:






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