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Click here for a compilation of farewell limericks, an Ausubel lab tradition

On 2/18/13, we had a lab baby shower for 5 incoming babies, combined with a farewell party for Mark Rosenzweig. The parents were given baby onesies, and Fred was given a T-shirt:


Click to hear a samples of Pauline Lim and Grace Yuen playing flute duets in Pauline's cubicle, prepared for the departmental holiday party, 12/2012. Composer:



Telemann (coming soon)

Photo by Brent Cezairliyan (anagram: Bizarrely Ancient)


Some funny anagrams of lab members' names:

A Clam Mailer Melon = Nicole Mammarella
Useful Beard = Fred Ausubel
Bizarrely Ancient = Brent Cezairliyan
Rotting Bonkers = Bob Kingston (shh, don't tell Bob!)

-Thanks to Yves Millet and Grace Yuen for generating these. 1/24/11

Members of the lab in 2007

Kneeling (L to R): Nicole Clay, Jen Bush. Standing (L to R): Javier Irazoqui, Slavica Djonovic, Yves Millet, Fred Ausubel, Jen Powell, Wisuwat "Fu" Songnuan, Emily Troemel, Jonathan Urbach, Nicole Mammarella, Julia Plotnikov (hidden), Julia Dewdney, Carine Denoux (hidden), Sachiko Miyata, Cristian "Colo" Danna, Gang Wu, Suresh Gopalan. Photo by Derwin Hyde.

Some excerpts from the "tribute" comic book published on the occasion of Fred's 60th birthday:

The lab circa 2000-2001. Click on some of the people below for a "Where Are They Now?":

Picture gallary Jas VillanuevaJulia DewdneyJulie StoneSimone FerrariDan LeeMary WildermuthFred AusubelJulia PlotnikovaAlejandro AballayDaneille GarsinEliana DrenkardSachiko Miyata

Seated (L to R): Julia Plotnikov, Alejandro Aballay, Danielle Garsin, Sachiko Miyata, unknown. Standing (L to R): Pete Yorgey, Jacinto Villanueva, Julia Dewdney, Julie Stone, Brent Richter, Eliana Drenkard, Simone Ferrari, Dan Grenfell-Lee, Mary Wildermuth, Fred Ausubel